Saturday, January 03, 2009

betty boop and the wayback machine
my morning wanderings have given me an old penguin cartoon from betty boop's creator, a website by which you can find lost websites and a penguin website that will allow me to impose my penguin love a little bit less on this particular blog. i'll pass these on as links along with a musical suggestion.
the wayback machine is part of the internet archive, a wonderful place to look for things by itself. the wayback machine allows you to search for lost or discontinued websites. check it out at:
the 1937 penguin cartoon is called peeping penguins. it came from max fleischer's fleischer studios which is most famous to me for its relation to betty boop. the archive includes other betty boop cartoons which you can navigate to thru his name if you look at this cartoon:
for the penguin crowd here's the link to all about penguins.
and finally my musical note. i continue to love american routes for its wonderful weekly show which acts out its new orleans base in an amazing array of real american music. i end up catching it on saturday afternoons often. to see if its on check on the my public radio link on the right and see what else is on on public radio on the net.

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