Monday, December 15, 2008

penguin games

penguins have always been the subject of games on the internet. the cute thing seems to bring out something strange in game makers except for those who actually like children. there is also a regular tendency to make the classic mistake - mixing polar bears and penguins even tho exist only on opposite poles
today i offer a few of the more fun and/or most notorious. for you non pengophiles consider showing them to your younger grandchildren and then maybe play them secretly if you want.

poke the penguin. this really isn't a game - just a little bit of fun and minor tension relief. i'm trying to add it directly to this thing but the html the website tells me to add is rejuected here. [help anyone?]

slide the penguin and other games. yesterday i happened on a new site with a bunch of penguin games and the unlikely name, here's a link to a simple game which i haven't yet learned slide the penguin:
search the site for 'penguin' from the home page and you can find 13 more with thirteen different images of penguins. at least one contains the mandatory polar bear and another allows you to help the penguin deal with the effects of global warning. The description of the most interesting: Do you have what it takes to save the world from an Alien Invasion dedicated to stopping Christmas?

yetisports alias pingu throw. this is perhaps the most famous penguin game of all times and the most imitated and stolen. it even has its own wikipedia entry. unfortunately the penguins [pingus] do not do well at all. they are battered and tossed about unmercifully. but it is the most famous pengin game.
Yetisports (also known as Pingu Throw) is a web-based Flash game that originally appeared on the Internet in January 2004. The goal of the original game is to have a yeti smack a penguin with a club and try to get it fly as far as possible. The original Yetisports game features no name other than the words "1978 Reinhold + Yeti", a reference to Reinhold Messner's claim to have found Yetis.
The game is humorous and addictive at the same time and therefore very popular on the Internet. Very soon after release, there was a quick succession of many variants created by multiple people on the internet. None of these are officially sponsored by Chris Hilgert, even though many copy the original almost exactly save certain small changes
. [Wikipedia]
Here's the link to the real yeti sports site:
Play on mcduffs - i'm sure there will be more nominees in the future.


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