Friday, December 19, 2008

friday nite and team penguin works quietly to prepare for saturday

somewhere in new york state, jen, the world's most dedicated penguin computer artist prepares the cartoon that will bring joy to her fans on saturday morning. we've never met and probably never will but we each enjoy the other's expression of appreciation of penguins. it seems the least i can do is a little penguin inserting while she does the same but with originality.

actually i probably should consider the holiday season a celebration of penguins. i don't really qualify for hanukkah, christmas or kwanzaa. but it is the time when the penguins appear magically everywhere. so why not offer up some of my own.

first i lead you to jen's blog site that shows both this week's cartoons and some of the wonderful and usually hilarious penguin products she sells online.

then i offer one youtube evil penguin xmas thing and two ads with nice penguin tales. the bbc ad offers the penguin fantasy - flying. the guiness is a special story 2 penguin buddies with a nice surprise ending. at the bottom of youtube you can end up watching related videos there are links to other related videos just like you you were viewing the video directly on youtube. these are not part of my official show but the guiness ad leads you to two of my favorites which i can recommend - the penguin mother on the ice with her yellow [?] chicks and the penguin and the ostrich. if you liked the evil penguin one you might well get into some of the other down on christmas videos like 'depressing times funny christmas card' and the country classic ' dammit i'm vixen.

i'll offer an link to a mastercard christmas ad with a penguin star even tho they have the bad taste to keep youtube from allowing them to circulate the ad. sounds like more free advertising to me, but i don't have a mastercard. to quote my words to master card in the comments section on youtube: 'there's some things you don't need money to buy.'

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