Sunday, December 28, 2008

DECEMBER 28, 2008, AND I AM 66
its 7:30ish and a small but nice sunrise follows a yesterday rain.
the year seems determined to blow my mind up to the very end and my birthday morn continues to provide the agonies and ecstasies which i suppose define life. i wish for my friend john who soon will get to go home from the hospital in denver after surgery that is the first part of treatment for a condition we didnt know he had until a week or so ago. and my thomas is home from denver beginning a long regime of physical therapy from the wreck that took his mother from us. the family continues give both warmth and fears that dealing with its agonies will be part of my personal and legal job description until the end.

in the end i am above all still here because of - or in spite of - my factory second body. and i suspect i will still cling hard to my determination to find joy and beauty everywhere and every day. and i bet life will continue to support my plan and make it a challenge.
so today i begin with the always wonderful cbs sunday morning show. and i read my email and find my distant friend jen has published her pengotoon today rather than on saturday and every part of it feels like it was written for me:
happy whatever day it is to you world.



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