Thursday, December 18, 2008

the original green
i noticed back when that its was hard for people who were within a few generations of the irish homeland to decide what it meant to be an irish american is. one place i heard consecutive singing of 'give ireland back to the irish' and 'god bless america'. in oklahoma its more clearly fiction or fantasy to claim to be irish. its like the folks who claim indan based on their 'heritage'.

so i'm a happy irish lover without claiming i are one. i go for the joys given me in irish fiction, music, movies, political passions and views of the land.
in that spirit i offer you a chance to hear broadcasts from radio ireland. originally i had the little video itself but they seem to be recycling the same shows so i'm going to change to just offering the link to get you there: So far this hasn't worked as a link so for the moment i'll put the url in and you can cut and paste if necessary:



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