Monday, January 21, 2008

war without end, amen
iwrote this to some friends and someone else's blog:
i'm an only slightly more serious pengophile new to blogging. i join in your claim to my spot in this daily life is given to defending indians and others accused of crimes. so i wrote this morning to my friends about the times articles on iraqi vets who kill at home after being sent where they should never have been sent: this is a followup to a thing i sent around last week. its a link to an article so if you don't want to r ead it you don't have to. the times is still doing this series on one dramatic effect of the war on systems some of us work with every day - crimes and the courts. this long article is all to real and a bit hard to read but i think you/we should - and i suspect gw and others aren't no matter how much they claim to be backing american soldiers
January 20, 2008 An Iraq Veteran's Descent; a Prosecutor's Choice By DEBORAH SONTAG Walter R. Smith’s identity as a psychologically injured veteran shaped how a murder he committed was handled.

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