Saturday, October 17, 2009

penguin hoomer and the north pole faux pas
you've probably wondered when i'll revert to penguin stuff. here's some my kind of penguin cuteness that i happened on courtesy of, an english based website that operates as an outlet for a bunch of young computer players with creative skills and irreverence. one of those folks calls her[?]self mata and has a website with definitely interesting contents including cartoons, animations and corsets: the cartoon above comes from her. she also has a penguin flash animation that's good notwithstanding its inclusion of polar bears and the north pole and a non-upbeat ending: i'm trying to figure how to include it here as we speak.
i hope that mata will not be offended by reference to her arctic penguin faux pas. she dealt with it in a neat way in the animation. putting penguins in the arctic is an off repeated mistake and at least she didn't stick in any polar bears. i recently spotted a hundred year old version from france and i've included it above. i found it in an article talking about the equally old dispute over whether either frederick cook or robert peary was the first person to travel to the north pole: the article is a good historical tale. and there is no reason to point out that the claim ignored native 'discovery' of the area long before. natives apparently had had no reason to go to this inhospitable spot whose importance was mostly theoretical until being called into service by 'explorers'.

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