Sunday, August 09, 2009

birthdays and betties
sunday, august 9, the 89th birthday of betty the boop, two days after the unlisted birthday of a special friend and colleague who retains the formal elizabeth officially. for this sunday morning i offer a minibirthday party for both of them complete with a picture of a white hibiscus for all of us.
i have now lived and worked in the capitol hill area of oklahoma city for at least 30 years. when i arrived there were still remnants of its past as the home of lawyers who represented the indian, white and hispanic, often poor, people of south oklahoma city, which was itself an unknown and unloved foreign country to my northside upbringing. southside economics picked up and eventually many capitol hill lawyers prospered and moved, often further south.
capitol hill itself caught little of the new economics except for the influx of hispanics and the rich variety of businesses they support. but elizabeth richards and i remain the 2 survivors of the old era, still happily basing our legal lives here. she continues to practice probate and domestic law in a wonderful office converted from a home on commerce street while i have occupied various spots around the intersection of commerce [southwest 25th] and robinson which officially define capitol hill. for her friendship and help over the years my gift to her is this page and two appropriate betty boop’s cartoons: betty’s birthday party from 1933 and judge for a day from 1935.

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