Thursday, October 08, 2009

and now for something mostly different

tired of my too cute penguins, try a website that’s dedicated to disapproving rabbits:
the rabbits there are obviously committed to disturbing their too cute anthropomorphized image. the titles are a little lame and unnecessary - but there’s still giggles there for us undeserving humans in pictures like the one above.
flowers are a less complicated pleasure. hibiscus are one of my favorites. my morning wakeup puzzle today from jigzone,, was a hibiscus and here it is for you to play with. [it will route you to jigzone to work, so please come back if you work on it before you read on.]

Click to Mix and Solve

p.s. the pythons of completely different are out and about again. They’re coming back for a special week on ifc and the times has a good article with current and past news about them:
here's a quote that taps into my personal history memory including beyond the fringe. i would apply the terms happily to my oklahoma growing up:

With the exception of Mr. Gilliam, the sole American, the Pythons all grew up in middle-class families in provincial towns and were very much a product of postwar British culture: cautious, decorous, respectable, nice. They wanted to blow it up.
“That culture wasn’t hard enough to be rigid,” [John] Cleese recalled .... “It was more stuffy — it was like wrestling with a sponge. I
remember going to see ‘Beyond the Fringe’ in 1962 and hearing screams of laughter. They were screams of liberation.”

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