Saturday, March 07, 2009

evolving 1

in 1960 i left the littlest big city in the west to go to school in philadelphia. i found numerous new joys including row houses, real public transportation, people who were different in appeance, sound, and religion from me and philly steak sandwiches. all were important in freeing me to become who i am.
still they were dwarfed by an intellectual experience that would probably be called an 'epiphany' today. i came to know evolution thru a series of classes including one loren eiseley. i found it to be a beautiful, elegant, yet simple, explanation of my existence. perhaps most importantly it made it unnecessary to confront what i consider the obvious foibles of man and christianity. i was free to do and be what i wanted to be and determine my own moral path
this year is the 200th anniversary of darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the origin of the species and a long time since my evolution moment. i want to think and write about it all. for now i offer this wonderful image to you.


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