Saturday, January 06, 2007

a little bird told me
i just was visited by the friend who told me a while back that it was time for me to blog. i had been trying to find this thing right then.
i just wrote a bit to a linux penguin lover which i'd like to repeat:
Just linux
I'm trying to add a simple comment about the article Year of the Penguin. I don't really want to become an active member. Just say something nice. Please feel free to do anything you want with this comment.
I am a technically challenged computer user of less than 10 years duration. I'm nowhere near the ability or interest level to use linux although I know enough to know i would like to if it was appropriate. My at home learning the internet was based on finding things about penguins including images. In a word tux was the first and best and i had the joy of a young linux person in England giving me clues. Now i am a constant searcher for anything penguin anywhere on the net and someone trying to pass it on to anyone who will listen. So google got me to your article on the year of the penguin, and i can help but draw a little comparison to the theme if not the details.
2006 was the year of the penguin outside the linux world. Happy Feet took the documentary penguin march into the cartoon world. Penguins suddenly have appeared in all kinds of advertisements with occasional accuracy. In general penguins have become so in that there were suggestions that penguins had replaced reindeer as the symbol of you know what holiday.
But as your article hints, the world discovering our private joys doesn't feel quite as good we hoped it would. the world of internet penguin lovers has been almost totally quiet this year; penguin club types have stopped writing in about the cutest new penguin thing or even serious issues. And they haven't switched to blogging either. the best mixed blessing has been the conservatives deciding to say things like penguin movies and same sex penguin couples are part of liberal plots.
so we are penguin lovers from the amateur side of the fence like me and you all from the serious side. and none of us are quite sure what, if anything, the past and future years mean. i just want to express my continuing belief that we're all on the right side. if we can just keep global warming and computer robber barons in their place we will have done well by penguins from tux to my favorite, the little blues.


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